You can't help but know how to build MT4 -- what are the functions of foreign exchange CRM?

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For foreign exchange securities companies that have just set up mt4/mt5 platforms, due to their start-up, few customers, and insufficient understanding of the importance and urgency of CRM, their operations and management are still in the extensive stage.

For example, when the customer registers, the personal information form is submitted first, and then the administrator manually creates the transaction account number, and then contacts the customer; Manually manage customer information using Excel forms; It even needs to process relevant information directly in the database.

The scene flow seems right, but what's strange and what's the problem?

Let's learn about the benefits of foreign exchange CRM system on the internal management, external customer acquisition and innovation of securities companies. The answer is self-evident.

Manage Digitalization

At ordinary times, we are talking about digital thinking. In fact, CRM system is the core digital management tool of foreign exchange securities companies, which can realize the efficient and automatic processing of role management, customer management, transaction management, fund management, audit management, content management, marketing management, rebate management, etc. These CRM function modules can greatly improve the digital management level of securities companies.

If the efficiency benefit of CRM is not very intuitive, let's take it this way. For the problems that used to take one day or more to solve, now as long as one hour or less, there is more time to think and try more possibilities, so that internal management can be liberated from mechanized work, and change from "physical labor" to "mental labor".

Marketing model

Foreign exchange securities companies, which are mainly engaged in retail brokerage business, need to reach and connect many retail customer groups. If securities companies still use the manager account of MT software to manage customers, its management is inefficient and the process is redundant. It is difficult to develop a large number of retail groups. Whoever uses it knows. This is also the main reason why the industry is more popular with foreign exchange CRM tools.

CRM system can customize multi-level agents, and the rebate system is powerful. Securities companies can rely on this kind of function to build grid marketing nodes, and rely on the modular operation mechanism to help the rapid fission of user scale.

Interaction centralization

In fact, digitalization of management and modularization of marketing can be described as the basic functions of foreign exchange CRM system, but it is also the level where everyone is easy to fall into a stereotype. Ouchuang believes that the CRM system is far more than that, and it has higher value. CRM is the interaction center core of building an Internet brokerage comprehensive service platform, and an X factor to realize management innovation and marketing innovation.