How to build MT4? Let Ou Chuang come

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The foreign exchange platform mentioned here refers to the liquidity with overseas company qualification, legal supervision, genuine MT4 software, access to the international market

A platform that can access money normally. Generally speaking, building a foreign exchange platform requires seven processes:

1: Choose the company name, register the company overseas (Hong Kong, UK, offshore island), and apply for the domain name

2: Apply for genuine MT4 software (can be rented or purchased)

3: Server erection

4: Sign construction agreement and connect with foreign exchange liquidity providers

5: Clearing bridge construction, docking liquidity and MT4 software

6: Professional financial website and STP foreign exchange platform have been built

7: Apply for overseas supervision

Eurotron provides one click building services and your most professional building solutions, which can save a lot of trouble for companies or individuals who want to enter the foreign exchange industry.

However, it is still not a simple thing to establish and operate a white label company. Even if there are ultra-low price platform building services, the built platform is likely to have various problems. Users are getting smarter and smarter. The era of making money by renting software has long disappeared. If you want to become a qualified foreign exchange broker, even a white label company, you have to spend your efforts and costs.

Eurotron provides you with professional consultation and the most suitable construction scheme