What is foreign exchange CRM? What is the difference with other general CRM?

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Today, ouchuang will introduce the basic knowledge about foreign exchange CRM system.

The full name of CRM is customer relationship management system, that is, customer relationship management system. Its function is to conduct intensive and efficient management and interaction in the whole process of customer transactions, which is of great significance to improve the profitability of enterprises and customer satisfaction.

Although some CRM systems have certain versatility, because most industries have their unique business scenarios and differentiated business models, some CRM systems in vertical professional fields have been derived, such as financial CRM and even the foreign exchange CRM system we are going to share today.

The so-called foreign exchange CRM system is the customer relationship management system for business management and development of foreign exchange brokers. It mainly involves two levels: CRM management background and CRM user foreground. The business scenarios involved mainly include customer management, transaction management, fund management, agency and rebate management.

Since most foreign exchange, precious metals and other brokers use mt4/mt5 of Medak metaquotes of Russia as the trading platform, the foreign exchange CRM system usually needs to be highly compatible with it, which is also the main aspect that foreign exchange CRM is different from other general CRM.

Metatrader4/5 platform has become a global popular, rapid and stable retail solution because of its low requirements for client computer resources. At the same time, it is also the preferred trading platform for mainstream brokers. Therefore, the foreign exchange CRM system adapted to mt4/mt5 platform is a highly standardized system, and different foreign exchange brokers can quickly access, test and officially use it.

The CRM system developed by eurotron technology is a customized CRM system for foreign exchange brokers, which is conducive to the full process information management and efficient operation of customers, agents, sales, customer service, administrators and other roles, and greatly reduces the operating costs of securities companies. Its characteristics are as follows:

Professional foreign exchange CRM system: it is perfectly connected with midak, compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms, and supports rapid access testing and rapid use.

Exclusive cloud server resources: financial customers have higher standards and requirements for data security and server deployment. Eurotron provides customers with CRM privatization deployment and exclusive cloud server resources.

Multiple ways of deposit and withdrawal: support international wire transfer, UnionPay remittance, third-party payment, virtual digital currency (such as usdt) and other ways of deposit and withdrawal.

Perfect report system: provide full stack report management system such as fund report, transaction report and commission return report.

Flexible agent rebate mechanism: unlimited agent levels, multi-level agents can be customized; Support a variety of rebate scenarios, such as cash rebate, transaction rebate and handling fee rebate.

High configuration CRM service: free rebate system, unlimited number of accounts; Free customization and updating ensure that customers maintain the latest CRM experience and vitality without any additional costs.

Eurotron fintech CRM Customer Relationship Management

Easy to operate, powerful and easy to understand

Realize the query and management of multi-level and multi-level customer transaction information

Help brokers manage customers more efficiently