Mt4.mt5 new foreign exchange training -- the war between Russia and Ukraine has eased, and the pound / dollar has rebounded sharply from the 1.3000 level

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• there were positive signals in the Russia Ukraine negotiations, and the pound / dollar soared from 1.3000.

• the US dollar index stepped out of the gap and fell below 100.00, boosting sterling.

• industrial production and manufacturing production in the UK will remain key events on Monday.

Russia and Ukraine are expected to cease fire, the market is optimistic, and the GBP / USD near 1.3000 attracts key buyers,

According to Reuters, "the Kremlin commented on Friday that given that the goal is being achieved and that military and peace negotiators are working,

Russia's special operation in Ukraine can end in the foreseeable future, "which triggered optimism in the market.

After Russia ceased to be a member of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, Russia's isolation is intensifying market concerns about long-term financial instability in the region.

After President Zelensky of Ukraine accused Russia of committing war crimes in most parts of Kiev,

93 of the 175 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council are in favor of excluding Russia from its membership.

This has also exerted pressure on countries that maintain a neutral position towards Russia and asked them to maintain a tough attitude towards Russia.

At the same time, the market sentiment was positive, and the dollar was bearish on Monday. The US dollar has fallen below the psychological threshold of 100.00,

And may remain volatile until the U.S. consumer price index is released on Tuesday. The market expects the annual inflation rate of the United States to be 8.3%, compared with the previous value of 7.9%.

This may increase market expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 50 basis points (BPS).

Britain will announce industrial production and manufacturing production on Monday. The annual rate of industrial production and manufacturing production may decline by 1.4% and 2.5% respectively.