How to build a foreign exchange platform?

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1. Software and hardware construction stage
There are many things in this stage, mainly raising funds, registering companies, banks, payment service providers, opening accounts, selecting servers, building a platform, finding liquidity, and clearing bridges.
Build an office, build a website, hire staff, customer management system.
1. Raise funds
First, we need to raise initial working capital. Generally, forex brokers are funded by group holdings of large companies, some of which are partnerships and sole proprietorships.
In Forex, in the early stages of establishing a brokerage business, there must be sufficient funds to cover operating costs. Some local laws clearly stipulate the minimum capital requirements, which are mainly divided into two parts: trading funds and trading funds.
Working capital is used to pay for the company's day-to-day operating activities, including employee salaries, office rents, and office supplies purchases.
Trading funds is mainly because foreign exchange is a leveraged transaction, so you need to deposit a fund with your liquidity provider, which may be a bank, PB or a large brokerage.
It's also important to note that you should keep your client's funds completely separate from the company's own funds, often referred to as "segregated storage" in Forex.
2. Register the company
Companies registered overseas are usually in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus and some offshore island countries.
After the establishment of a new foreign exchange brand, the most important thing is to apply for a valid regulatory license. Sometimes one license is not enough, forex brokers operating globally even need to prepare enough licenses from several well-known regulators.
3. Banks and payment service providers to open accounts
To open an account with a bank or payment service provider, you need to choose your own bank. Many brokers will open accounts in different banks.
Payment service providers are generally called third-party payments, which are related to your deposits and withdrawals, UnionPay, credit cards, bank transfers, etc.
4. Server
As we all know, the server is the foundation of a platform. If there is a problem with the server in time and transaction, it will be a fatal blow to the platform merchant.
If platform merchants get dumped within minutes, they could lose millions.
Foreign technical service providers often promote NY4 in New York, LD4 in England, LD4 in London, TY3 in Tokyo, Japan, and HK3 in Hong Kong.
At the same time they use (Nasdaq-listed companies that provide server maintenance, server companies, many companies are proud to use their own servers, and many well-known institutions also use their own servers).
However, the actual situation is that domestic customers are still disconnected from the Internet, and they cannot even successfully drop orders.
5. Building a platform
You can choose to buy the platform, but there is a high initial cost. Long-term deals, installment payments are much cheaper than renting.
Platform, is a white label, its logo is built on a ready-made platform template, and its initial purchase and maintenance costs are lower than the cost of buying or renting a platform
Renting a platform and renting a platform will be more personalized than white labeling, and require less capital investment than buying a platform, but the maintenance cost will be higher.
Maddak's MT4 and MT5 platforms are the first choice of many foreign exchange brokers.
However, Maddak has stopped software updates since April today and no longer sells the main standard; but MT5 is considered by some traders to be "too complicated" and "more suitable for professional traders".
Some large brokers have developed their own proprietary platforms, and there are also platforms in the market, which are supported by a group of traders due to their unique features.
6. Find liquidity and clearing bridges
Looking for liquidity, the current market is divided into big banks, BP, LP, brokerage, IB. Liquidity providers mainly include international investment banks, hedge funds and large foreign exchange brokers.
Each liquidity provider offers different quotes and services. For startup brokers, getting in touch with the bank is a bit difficult.
You can choose a large foreign exchange broker, or special liquidity providers LP and PoP will also provide liquidity services.
As for Qingqiao, it is mainly aimed at MT4, which is built for market makers.
It only accepts one quotation, and different liquidity will have different quotations, so you need a clearing bridge to complete your quotation and integrate the best ask and lowest bid in the market.
7. Customer Management System
CRM is a customer management center that every company must use. It can help companies understand and differentiate customers from different perspectives, and develop a combination model of business procedures and information technology that suits customers' individual needs.
Its purpose is to manage the relationship between businesses and customers so that they achieve the highest satisfaction, loyalty, maintenance and profit contribution, while efficiently and selectively discovering and attracting good new customers.
CRM mainly uses advanced IT tools (mainly enterprise intelligence systems) to support the three major functions of marketing, sales and service in the enterprise value chain.
Fully engage with customers through a variety of channels at their choice, resulting in customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty and net worth.
However, foreign customer relationship management costs are high and time-to-deploy is long. In terms of usage habits, it only conforms to foreign operating habits, and cannot provide customized services suitable for China's national conditions.
It can't even connect to real-time communication. However, local technology is committed to serving mainland China customers, and its development needs are very suitable for our customers' usage habits, which can give customers a first-class operating experience and are more suitable for local customers.
8. Build an office, build a website
Setting up an office in your target market (power, network, communications), setting up an office, from site selection to design, is also a small matter.
Shanghai is generally chosen, mainly because the financial industry is developed, and there are basically offices here.
To build a website and carry out foreign exchange business, it is necessary to develop a foreign exchange financial website with powerful operational functions.
The first website is the company introduction, and the second is some value-added services such as market data, account opening methods, knowledge content, and event introduction.
9. Hire employees
The financial industry is a talent-intensive industry, and so is the foreign exchange industry. When interviewing the management of the agent, he felt it was very important for the agent to hire the right people.
Practitioners include: operations team, technical team, sales team, marketing team, analysts, administrative management, etc.
It is recommended to find a builder to help with the construction, which not only saves time and effort, but also finds the right professional builder. The cost of construction is far beyond the process of self-exploration in terms of benefits, and it is more likely.
In the process of groping, a lot of effort has been spent and all previous efforts have been abandoned.
Therefore, this highly technical industry is looking for a professional, a good reputation, and a variety of technical levels, regardless of cm, server, official website production, and license application.
In this way, it is more secure for its own platform system, and in addition to being stable, it can also take all responsibility for it.
The advantages of our company are:
1. MT4, MT5 main standard operation and maintenance management + all-weather service
2. CRM development and training
3. MT4 MT5 white label rental and sales
4. Customer Relationship Management System PAMM
5. MAM tracking & profit sharing system
6. National regulatory license application
7. Financial website construction
8. Server resource integration planning
The company builds all-round construction, come and choose us, you will never suffer!
1. Quickly, delicately and completely build MT4 and MT5
2. Improve service levels through new technologies and processes
3. Improve the independent management of financial markets
4. All-round supervision system, with equal emphasis on supervision and management
5. Assist and protect retailers and customers in financial operations
6. Pay attention to the protection of investors' rights and interests, and set up a FOS dispute resolution agency
7. There are strict penalties for any violation of the law
8. More open and fair information release to ensure public interests