What are the functions of trading foreign exchange mt4/mt5 multi account?

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When mt4/mt5 multi account management system appeared, in order to meet the more professional needs of investors, a professional mt4/mt5 multi account management system based on mt4/mt5 platform was developed for professional multi account traders and fund managers.

The multi account management system refers to the operation that the master account opened on the mt4/mt5 platform will be able to manage all mt4/mt5 sub accounts (slave accounts) under this account.

Mt4/mt5 multi account definition:

Multi account transaction management system refers to that traders can directly set up and trade many sub accounts, so that all sub customers can place orders at the same price and at the same time with one click.

Mt4/mt5 multi account mode:

1. 1 to many transactions: single master account - 《 multiple sub accounts 》

2. Many to one transaction: multiple master accounts - single sub accounts

3. Many to many transactions: multiple master accounts - 《 multiple sub accounts 》

Mt4/mt5 multi account function:

1. In the personalized configuration interface, you can set master accounts with different permissions;

2. Web page configuration sub account allocation proportion;

3. Main account allocation proportion of web page configuration