What are the advantages of building MT4? Ou Chuang takes you to analyze why MT4 platform can flourish forever

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MT4 is the most popular foreign exchange trading software in the world. MT4 is a trading platform integrating market charts, technical analysis and trading operations. It is also the most professional investment software in the world today. More than 90% of retail transactions in the world are completed through MT4 platform.

However, with the continuous development of the international market, some platforms that are not conducive to brokers and even lead to the leakage of customer information have also been derived. Choosing a regular MT4 platform for rent is the basis for the success of brokers.

Why does MT4 platform remain prosperous

How does the MT4 platform survive? Stone technology, a well-known financial software developer in China, said that MT4 trading platform covers hundreds of financial varieties, and can simultaneously trade the hottest 16 currency pairs among the eight currencies, as well as spot London gold / silver, futures, crude oil, etc., which are popular with investors; Support 31 languages such as Chinese and English; It has powerful analysis functions, including 30 line drawing tools, 9 trading period chart options, and 50 technical indicators, which enable investors to accurately analyze market trends; Real time risk management function,

Help investors minimize trading losses and lock in profits. The most prominent thing is that the system stability of MT4 is unmatched by most trading platforms, which is also the fundamental to ensure the safety of investors' operation of funds.

However, in practice, the MT4 platform also has more or less problems, such as the inability to completely avoid risks, and for different brokers, they need different plug-ins, which requires finding a suitable financial software service provider rented by the MT4 platform to customize according to their own needs.

How to choose your own MT4 platform

For brokers, avoiding risks is the top priority. A good MT4 platform must be able to avoid risks for brokers in a timely manner, so that brokers can always keep the risk to a minimum in the process of carrying out their business.

For example, it has a dedicated data source to provide historical reference data, real-time market data, historical high-frequency market data, etc., so as to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data. For example, if the liquidity of MT4 platform can quickly bridge the liquidity of multiple banks, it can minimize transaction errors and delays. In terms of stability, efficient and stable servers are needed to ensure uninterrupted transactions.

In response, our company said, "we have international dedicated data sources, bridge the liquidity of 15 top banks, and provide three-level disaster recovery and three-level firewall for servers to help brokers avoid all possible risks in operation to the greatest extent."

In addition, our company has also provided more than 50 sets of solutions and plug-in customization, including a full set of white label solutions, so that brokers' MT4 foreign exchange business can start from a high starting point.