Build MT4 MT5 notes -- what are the differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platforms commonly used for investment?

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MT4 and MT5 are commonly used trading platforms for investment. At present, the most common trading platform software in the world, which integrates index and precious metal trading prices, as well as domestic major precious metal futures and spot prices, is the MT4 version of trading platform software. Compared with MT4, MT5 is more humanized in the use of user interface.

Some people say MT4 is good for investment, while others say MT5 is good for investment. Is it MT4 or MT5? What is the difference between MT4 and MT5? Now let's have a look.

The difference between MT4 trading platform and MT5 trading platform

MT5 has a wider trading range: in addition to the spot prices and currency indexes of precious metals such as gold and silver inherent in MT4, the new MT5 trading platform also includes the trading options of stocks, futures and options, which broadens the trading range for customers and more flexibly adapts to the needs of different types of investors.

MT5 has more functions: MT5 gold speculation trading platform has added time-sharing charts to analyze the market, 70 analysis tools, 38 built-in analysis indicators, 39 image objects, 17 display indicator styles, faster quotation analysis and strategy formulation, and provides new functions such as strategy tester and small capacity processing of historical data. From this point of view, MT5 can be said to be an upgraded version of MT4.

MT5's position portfolio can be merged: compared with MT4, a trading instruction in MT4 can only correspond to a position, while in MT5 platform, a trading instruction represents a request to execute a trading operation. Multi position transactions are displayed in MT5 platform as one or more contracts, and positions in the same direction will be integrated into one position.

Data service update: compared with MT4, MT5 adds an in-depth data service. Individual gold speculators can obtain transaction receipts from traders themselves and the precious metal market, and these data are difficult for ordinary traders to obtain.

Different software codes: because MT5 trading platform software adopts a new program algorithm and strengthens the operation of the equation, MT4 and MT5 are incompatible, and the programs written in the original MT4 trading platform software can no longer run on the MT5 platform.

MT5 adds two new transaction methods:

Limit stop loss multiple orders:

Combining the two trading methods of limit multi order and stop loss multi order, we don't need to check whether our market entry price is higher or lower than the real-time price. As long as we set a price, click limit stop loss multi order, and when the market touches this price, the multi order order order will be executed.

Limit stop short order:

Combining the two trading methods of price limit short order and stop loss short order, we don't need to check whether our market entry price is higher or lower than the real-time price. As long as we set a price and click the price limit stop loss short order, when the market touches this price, the empty order order will be executed.

The above are the differences between MT4 and MT5. The main differences are the differences in programming files and the update of the use functions of the trading platform. For new gold speculators who want to make continuous progress and advanced gold speculators with medium-level customers, the emergence of MT5 makes the trading process more convenient and smooth.